Service and Warranty Service

PJSC “Vinnitsa Factory “Mayak”” is constantly expanding and organizing new service centers, so for more information about the address of the SC in your region, check with the seller or PJSC “Vinnitsa Factory “Mayak””, the manufacturer, according to contact information.

1. Warranty service for products manufactured by PJSC “Vinnytsa Factory “Mayak”” is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the “Manufacturer’s Warranties” instruction manual for this product.

2. If there is no service center in your city, it is necessary to send the non-working product by the Nova Poshta carrier to the branch number 23 in Vinnitsa, the recipient is PJSC “Vinnitsa Factory” (EDRPOU code 14307771), Customer service. At the expense of the recipient, non-cash. Payment is made only for the service “WAREHOUSE-WAREHOUSE”.

3. Before shipping, wipe the product from dirt and dust. Contaminated products are not subject to warranty service and will be returned (without service) to the SENDER address at his expense.

4. The following documents must be attached to the package along with the product:
– The operation manual with the mark of the TRADE NETWORK upon the sale of the product in a tear-off coupon for warranty repairs.
– a statement (in arbitrary form) about the reasons for sending the product for repair, with the provision of contacts for feedback.

5. Upon receipt of the DECLARATION in the receipt of the product from the carrier, you need to call, or send information to the customer service email address – DECLARATION NUMBER, to receive your product in the warehouse of the carrier.

6. Upon completion of the repair, your product is returned to the same trucking carrier from which it was sent. The declaration number is communicated to you by the service desk staff.