Production of products under the order

The production base of PJSC “Vinnytsia factory “Mayak”” allows to provide a wide range of services in several directions along with the main production.

Metalworking services:

  • lathes (1K60, 1K62, DIP-300);
  • horizontally boring;
  • planing, longitudinal grinding (planing and grinding of frames to L-3000 mm.);
  • vertically – milling, vert. drilling;
  • grinding, centerless-grinding (flat-grinding max. gab. 2000-600 mm., round-grinding to L-1200 mm., internal-grinding, coordinate grinding);
  • gear-cutting, gear-cutting, gear-milling, grooving;
  • coordinate, coordinate-grinding, stitching;
  • stamping (on the customer’s equipment, production of equipment);
  • heat treatment (HDTV, hardening, normalization furnaces. Oil, water, salt bath);
  • manufacture of metal structures (bending, pipe bending, rolling, welding);

Design, manufacture and repair of various technological equipment:

  • development of technical documentation;
  • dies for sheet metal stamping for crank presses with a force of up to 500 t.s., as well as automatic dies;
  • molds for injection molding of thermosets and rubber under the press with a force of up to 400 ts.;
  • molds for injection molding of thermoplastics, aluminum alloys;;
  • metal molds (molds) for casting;
  • cutting tool, metal-clamping, auxiliary;
  • machine tools;
  • non-standard equipment and more.

The equipment is manufactured by highly professional toolmakers on a variety of universal high-precision equipment of both domestic and imported production, which allows you to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently. Finished products pass technical control by traditional methods of control with the subsequent tests and certification.

Application of different types of coatings on metal products:

  • powder-polymer coating;
  • electroplating;
  • galvanizing (with colorless or yellow-iridescent passivation);
  • chemical and electrochemical nickel plating.

Before painting the full cycle of preparation of a surface under drawing of a covering is provided.

We also perform phosphating and blackening of steel and cast iron parts, which is not inferior in quality to chemical oxidation.