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About the enterprise

The history of our enterprise was laid in 1968, when the construction of the Vinnytsia Plant of Radio Engineering Equipment, a large enterprise of the defense industry of the former USSR, began. On July 21, 1969, the Vinnytsia Plant of Radio Engineering Equipment was founded. It was the only structure of the Ministry of Radio Industry of the USSR, which was built and operated as an enterprise for the production of power supplies for alphanumeric printing devices for computers of the military-industrial complex, as well as welding machines, transformers, electric heaters for mass consumption. The plant specialized in the mass production of computer equipment and power electronics products. The beginning of the 90’s was a difficult time for most enterprises and the industrial complex in general, but despite all the difficulties, it was the current economic situation that served as a new impetus for the development of VZRTA “Mayak”. In 1991, the Mayak open joint-stock company was established on the basis of the plant, which today is one of the largest industrial enterprises in Ukraine. In 1994, in accordance with the decision of the Ministry of Mechanical Engineering, Military-Industrial Complex, and Conversion of Ukraine, the state VZRTA was restructured into OJSC “Mayak”. OJSC “Mayak” includes 8 subsidiaries. These are the foreign economic firm “Mayak”, “Motorist” Mayak “,” Housing and operational complex “, Cultural and sports complex” Mayak LTD “,” Teplokomunenergo “Mayak LTD” and “Medical and improving sports complex” Mayak LTD “. In 1997, the trademark “Thermia” was registered, under which the company’s products are manufactured. The company annually develops new products, expands the range of its products, based on the latest technologies with the use of components from leading global companies, using high quality, environmentally friendly materials. All products pass a multilevel system of tests and control, certified in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.

On March 23, 2012, the company was reorganized into a public joint-stock company.

In September 2014, the Mayak plant celebrated its 45th anniversary.

Today PJSC “Mayak” has 5 subsidiaries: “Teplokomunenergo Mayak LTD”, “Cultural and sports complex” Mayak LTD “,” Medical and health complex “Mayak LTD”, “Housing and maintenance office”. Harmoniously combining the traditions of the defense industry and advanced technologies of the world’s leading manufacturers in combination with modern design, our company today develops and manufactures a wide range of household appliances, electric heaters and radiators (copper-aluminum, steel) for heating systems under its own trade Thermia “. We annually develop new products, expand the range of our products, based on modern technologies with the use of components from leading European companies. All products pass a multilevel system of tests and control, certified in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. The company has established itself as a manufacturer of products with good value for money, flexible prices, and a wide range of products, as we work with the belief that consumers deserve the best.