PJSC “Vinnitsa factory “Mayak”” offers official employment on an ongoing basis. The salary based on the results of the interview is official and timely.

Contact the personnel department.

Open vacancies:

  1. Deputy Head of the Electroplating and Painting Department
  2. Engineer – technologist (mechanics)
  3.  Engineer – technologist (chemist)
  4. Design engineer (mechanics)
  5.  Locksmith – repairman
  6.  Locksmith-toolmaker
  7.  Controller of radio electrical equipment and devices
  8.  Stamping machine specialist
  9. Universal grinder (longitudinal planing machine 7110, coordinate boring machine, gear milling).
  10.  Welder on suture (contact) welding machines
  11.  Specialist of metal cutter on scissors and presses
  12.  Installer of sanitary systems
  13. Thermist


We will be glad to see you from 8:00 to 16:30 at:

Vinnitsya, Khmelnitsky highway, 105, 1st floor, human resources
(0432) 55-17-41, 096 546 97 30