Testing laboratory services

The structure of PJSC “Mayak” has an accredited laboratory of testing and reliability. The laboratory of tests and reliability meets the requirements of DSTU-3412-96, has passed another accreditation for technical competence and was registered in the register No. 20208 dated February 18, 2020. The validity of the test laboratory accreditation certificate was extended until August 28, 2023 in accordance with the requirements of the DSTU ISO/IEC 17025:2019 standard.

The laboratory is equipped with a complete set of equipment and devices necessary for testing, research and experiments in testing the quality and improving the reliability of both existing and designed products. Laboratory of tests and reliability has a wide range of special equipment that allows you to provide services for various types of testing of the following products subject to certification (up to 30 kW):

Household electrical appliances:

  • equipment for storage of vegetables and fruits at low temperatures.

Cooking appliances:

  • ovens, stoves, tables for cooking (electric stoves; stationary cabinets for frying, burners, ovens, built-in grills, electric ovens, electric tables).

Devices for heating liquids:

  • water boilers, including teapots no more (to 10 l);
  • coffee makers; express coffee makers; new reviews; milk heaters; bottle warmers with baby food;
  • devices for slow cooking;
  • yogurt makers;
  • deep fryers and deep frying pans;
  • electric ovens;
  • toasters, grills, roasters (toasters, radiation grills, grills with skewers, shish kebabs, roasters, portable frying cabinets, contact grills, waffle irons).

Devices for mechanization of kitchen works:

  • coffee grinders, coffee grinders, grain grinders, appliances for kitchen machines.

Sanitary and hygienic devices:

  • ironing machines and presses;
  • storage water heaters up to 30 kW, up to 50 A;
  • instantaneous water heaters up to 30 kW, up to 50 A;
  • centrifuges;
  • electric tumble dryers;
  • washing machines;
  • electric dryers for clothes;
  • electric dryers for footwear;
  • vacuum cleaners, suction cleaners;
  • electric brushes for clothes;
  • electric brushes for shoes;
  • massage devices;
  • razors, hair clippers and similar appliances, mains operated and battery operated;
  • irons;
  • vortex devices for bathrooms (jacuzzi type);
  • oral hygiene devices that run on mains or rechargeable batteries;
  • прилади для нагрівання рідин (для кип’ятіння білизни, стерилізації і т.п.).

Devices for skin and hair care:

  • hair dryers, curling irons, curling irons, permanent appliances, hand dryers up to 30 kW.

Microclimate devices:

  • fans (floor, wall, floor lamps, etc.) and switches to them;
  • humidifiers;
  • air conditioners, combined devices such as “air conditioner/cooler/heater”, etc.;
  • room heaters (convectors, fireplaces, fans, radiators, etc.).

Other devices:

  • liquid pumps with a temperature not higher 35°С;
  • devices with electric motors powered by rechargeable batteries (accumulators);
  • devices for aquariums and garden ponds;
  • devices for charging batteries
  • electrical appliances for killing and repelling insects;
  • immersion boilers including with fastening;
  • electric watches powered by AC mains;
  • floor mats;
  • heaters (radiators) heat accumulating room.

Devices for mechanization of kitchen works:

  • kitchen machines (universal combines, processors, etc.);
  • juicers, mixers;

Devices for farming and homesteading:

  • electric feed mixers;
  • electric incubators;
  • electric incubators up to 4 kW;
  • livestock feed shredders up to 10 kW;
  • separators for milk up to 1 kW;
  • electric oil grinders up to 2 kW;
  • electric thermal devices for preparation of forages, water boilers with fastening;
  • electric water heaters for hot water supply and watering of animals, up to 10 kW;
  • greenhouse heating equipment.

Reinforcing cords and cable and wire products.

Wiring accessories and connecting connectors:

  • connectors;
  • plugs and sockets;
  • low voltage control equipment;
  • push-button power switches and push-button control posts (except electronic);
  • transformers and autotransformers for household electrical appliances;

Lighting products and components for it:

  • light garlands.

The testing laboratory of our enterprise is the only one in the Vinnytsia region that conducts

  • certified tests of welding equipment:
  • semi-automatic machines for electric arc welding and surfacing;
  • rectifiers are welding;
  • welding transformers;
  • machines for electrocontact welding.

Road vehicles, their components and accessories:

  • ignition system products for spark ignition engines (distributors, spark plugs, coils, transistor switches, controllers).

Electrical equipment of machines, technological and industrial equipment:

  • food equipment;
  • woodworking machines;
  • metalworking machines;
  • packing machines;
  • portable electric machines;
  • machines for processing rubber and plastics.


Laboratory contacts.