Machining attachements

Our enterprise has good production basis and opportunity for designing and manufacturing different machining attachments:
  •  dies for sheet forming for crank presses with a force up to 500 and also automatic dies;
  •  moulds for thermosetting plastic and rubber transfer molding for presses with a force up to 400;
  •  moulds for casting thermoplastic materials and aluminum alloys under pressure;
  •  metal moulds (metal moulds) for obtaining castings;
  •  cutting tools, work-clamping tools and auxiliary tools;
  •  machine attachments. Attachment is manufactured by highly-skilled tool-and-die machinists on different general-purpose high-accuracy equipment of domestic and foreign production, this allows to make orders quickly and qualitatively.

We also render services connected with manufacturing of separate parts and performing a range of production operations (machining, stamping, thermal treatment). Finished products pass technical control by traditional control methods with the following tests and certification.

We hope to cooperate with you and are interested in establishment of long-term mutually beneficial relationship!

 You can ask any question or discuss possible variants of cooperation at the address indicated in the section Contacts.