Electric convectors «Термія» belong to the modern class of stationary devices for the buildings and structures heat-air heating and they can be mounted in the rooms with normal environment as well as in the rooms with increased humidity.

Electric convector is designed  for round-the-clock operation without supervision as  a base element  of the plinth systems of stationary electric heating with centralized automatic temperature control  in the room, it can be also used as an additional low-power source  of local heating.

In outward appearance  the mounted heating system looks like a wide plinth located round the room, following the shape of the walls. The plinth  system of heating allows to reach maximum uniform and comfortable distribution of the heated air all over the volume of the room, to warm up rapidly the lower part of the room volume. The heating system design excludes incompletely heated, stagnant zones in the room, prevents damp emergence, appearance of condensate (fungus, mould) on the walls, it is ideal  for heating the rooms with high ceilings and considerable area of glazing. Low linear density of the system elements heat flow (180 W/m) makes it possible to place the furniture  without fear of forming overheated areas when the heating devices are shaded and the active convection absence reduces distinctly quantity of dust in the air, this results favourably in total ecology of the room.

The heating system on the basis of the electric convectors is 25% more economic than the «warm floor» system, 50…60% more economic than accumulating ovens and oil heaters. It is ideal for heating flats, country-houses (especially standing by themselves), covered swimming-pools  and etc. and also for the rooms with high and very high ceilings in which the «radiator» systems of heating are not effective. To increase the system efficiency it is recommended to use the means of the temperature automatic control in the room.

The electric convector front panel is made of aluminium profile which ensures good uniform convective heat exchange from the heating device and its shape looks like a floor plinth. The electric convectors surfaces are painted by high-quality powder-polymer paint. Colour-snow-white (RAL 9003) or brown RAL (8017). Painting of any other colour of the RAL palette is possible  on order.

Low temperature THE with a casing made of stainless steel is used as a  heating element. Comperatively low working temperature on the surface of the heating element excludes completely the processes of dust thermal decomposition, air dehumidification in the room and it also ensures comperatively low temperature on the electric convector surface (not over 50  ̊C).

The system is supplied from the a.c. mains with (230±10) V voltage, frequency (50±1) Hz. The system is connected to the electric mains via a standard distribution box. The system (on/off) is controlled by means of a temperature controller (a room thermostat).

During the system design and its mounting it is necessary to follow «Recommendations in application of the plinth electric convectors «Термія» as a part of the plinth systems of stationary electric heating with centralized automatic temperature control in the room'' and «Parts and assembly units catalogue of the plinth systems of stationary electric heating with centralized automatic temperature control in the room on the basis of the plinth electric convectors «Термія». The documents are intended for the designers and installers of the heating systems.

The convectors must be mounted, repaired and maintained by specially trained personnel.

The electric convectors with the power 180 W or 270 W respectively are used as the system heating elements, the so-called «active elements» of the system (ЭА). The ЭА quantity necessary for the heating system construction is calculated by dividing the amount of heat losses in the room, at 100W/m2 for the room with normal thermal insulation, per the ЭА power value (see the Recommendations). The system maximum electric power (of one branch) must not exceed 2000 W it is determined by the section of the used connecting wires).

It is recommended to arrange the system ЭА along the rooms exterior walls, under the windows. All the ЭА are connected in parallel in the system. The rooms perimeter free of the ЭА is filled up by the installation kits (see the Catalogue) by the so-called «passive» elements (ЭА). Constructional the ЭА is analogous to ЭА, only it is without the heating elements.

The system elements can be easily mounted on any surfaces: on wood, gypsum board, masonry or brick-work.

The range and quantity of the system unified elements when ordering them is calculated by analysing the heating system design of a concrete room.

The range of the base unified assemblies and parts, which is the basis  of the system design and preparing orders for the system elements delivery, is given in the Catalogue.

Technical characteristics

Model Overall dimensions, mm Power, W Rated supply voltage, V Protection class from electric current shock Mass, kg (not over) Rated consumption current, A Degree of the casing protection
Height Length Depth
ЭВНА - 0.18/230 П2 (цб) 160 1000 40 180 230 ІІ 2.5 0.78 IP 24
ЭВНА - 0.27/230 П2 (цб) 160 1500 40 270 230 ІІ 3.75 1.17 IP 24

The plinth heaters «Термія» quality is in conformity with the international standards and  requirements of the Technical Regulations.

Guarantee period – 5 years!

Period of operation – not less than 10 years.

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