The question of the hothouses heating has always been actual and it will actual in future it is very important to solve the problem of hothouses systems heating under  polycarbonate or film because its solving will allow to use them practically the whole year round.

Today there are many heating systems and when choosing the heating system it is necessary to proceed from many certain factors, such as the put tasks of functioning  and operation, financial potentialities.

All the plantations require constant heat and maintaining of specific microclimate.

At the same time profitability of the hothouse business and sphere ofservices, bath-house, sauna, automobile laundry is determined by the economic efficiency of the heating systems operation, of the heating devices in particular as the most vulnerable elements of the heating systems, thelife of which does not exceed 1,5-2 years.

One of the most popular simple and comperatively low cost is hot-water heating. In spite of some advantuges of other systems it is highly spread and relatively resonable.

The PJSC «Mayak»  has developed  a series of hot-water heating convectors made of stainless steel to solve the problem of ensuring additional lifefor the hothouses heating as well as for corrosion resistance of the heating devices during their operation in hudim rooms.

Hot-water convectors are operated in the conditionsof high humidity (hot-houses, saunas,automobile laundries and etc.). The convectors are installed on the floor as well as on the wall (by the user order).

Technical characteristics of the heating convectors КМП (floor installation) and КСМ (wall iinstallation) without a casing

Conventional designation of the КПМ, КСМ

Length (A), mm

Rated   heat flow, Kw at temperatue heating 70 ° C

Heat  carrier volume, dm3

Mass, kg (without heat carrier)

Conventional designations:

К – end convectors;

П – transient convectors.

The convectors are compatible with standard systems (with a tube thread G1/2):

  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Plastic
  • Metalloplastic

We offer you to acquaint yourself with the:

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