Infra-red electric heater


Infra-red electric heater «Термія» is designed for additional heating of residential and non-residential buildings and structures by directional infra-red thermal radiation. This is the only kind of heating equipment which can create heat comfort when people stay on the open grounds, balconies, loggias in cold season. It is an ideal heat source for heating the rooms with temporary stay of people. The heaters ensure instantaneous convective heat transfer, soft uniformly dissipated heat flow. The device operates in the long time made under supervision.

Infra-red heaters carry out effectively zone and point heating. Heating effect is reached by means of low-temperature infra-red thermal radiation objects and people in the region of radiation are heated in the first place. Air is heated for the second time owing to rigid bodies heating, this ensures quick reaching of heat comfort at low energy expenditures. For example, by placing the infra-red heater near the working place it is possible to create comfortable working conditions without heating the whole room.

The electric heater has two power levels which allows to choose the optimum temperature operating condition.

The heater uses  modern partially sealed  heating elements. Reliable protection of the heating element is ensured by a decorative grill made of stainless steel with mirror polish and by metal case. Features of the infra-red electric heaters «Термія»

  • Two power levels
  • Instantaneous convective heat transfer
  • Soft uniform heat flow
  • Pure, noiseless and sale heat flow
  • High reliability and safety
  • Long time operating mode
  • Low operating expenses
  • Front panel and reflector are made of stainless steel of mirror polish

Technical characteristics:

Model Supply voltage, V Supply mains frequency, Hz Powet, kW (by steps) Rated consumption current, A Mass, kg (not ower) Overall dimensions  (LxHxD), mm
EИПС-1,0/220 220 50 1,0 (0,5+0,5) 4,6 1,9 520х160х240
EИПС-1,2/220 220 50 1,2 (0,6+0,6) 5,2 1,9 520х160х240

* at the ceiling height 2,5 m and standard thermal insulation.

More exact choice of the rated power of the infra-red heater must be carried out with provision for actual heat losses of a specific room.

Delivery set: infra-red electric heater, instruction, manual, package.

Infra-red electric heaters comply with the requirements of the Technical regulations of the low-voltage equipment and Technical regulations of the equipment electro magnetic compatibility, they have all the necessary Certificates of compliance.

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