WALL ELECTRIC CONVECTORS, series «EURO»                                                                          

Electric convectors “Термія” are  designed for buildings and structures main and additional heating in household or analogous conditions.   They differ by modern engineering decisions, stylish design, complete set, high-quality design and reasonable price.

Electric convectors are mounted stationary on a wall, but their design makes it possible to mount them on a floor on active or passive supports, they are bought separately.

Distinctive feature of the electric convectors is intense heating of the room due to the devices design, which accelerates natural air circulation in the room with ensuring rapid heating of the room throughout the volume.

High degree of the devices efficiency is achieved owing to large area of heat exchange and effective natural air flow of the heating element.

Electric convectors are equipped with a thermostat for setting and maintaining the desired temperature in the room, with a step-by-step regulation of the power consumption (or without it), with over heat protection, as well as with a function of the room protection against freezing (Anti Frost - mode-temperature maintaining in the room within the limits of + 5 …7 C, this excludes freezing of the room at minimum expenditure of electric energy).

Comparatively low temperature of the front panel, absence of sharp corners on the device rule out the user possible injury during the device operation.

Electric convectors are painted with modern ecologically clean powder sintered enamels which guarantee the coating high quality during the whole service life of the device. The color is according to the album of standard tints RAL – snow-white  (RAL9003).

Electric convectors models include products with the power 500/1500/2000/2500 W.

Electric convectors modifications differ by:

  • case height – 340 mm (low height) and 450 mm (average height);
  • casing degree of protection – IP20 ( normal design), IP24 ( splash - proof design);
  • class of safety against electric current shock – I class ( with earthing), II class (does not require  earthing);
  • type of the used heating elements:
    • tubular electric heating element (THE) with aluminum radiator-fins;
    • monolithic aluminum  X-shaped heating element;
    • Zig-Zag heating element (the so-called «needle-shaped» or «stitch» element).
  •  type of the used thermostats:
    • electromechanical bimetal;
    • electromechanical capillary;
    • electron.
  • design of the air exhaust grill – welded, stamped – out, integrated.

It’ is necessary to select the electric convectors rated power, when they are used as main sources of heating,  proceeding  from the following calculation: 100W per 1 m² of the area (for the rooms with normal insulation, with walls height not over 3 m).

In other cases the power of the electric convectors must be selected by a qualified specialist with provision for actual heat losses of a specific room.

More exact selection of the electric convectors rated power must be carried out  taking into consideration actual heat losses of a specific room.

 Wall electric convectors, series «Euro», range «Econom»

Wall electric convectors, series «Euro», range «Econom» have degree of protection ensured by the casing IP20 and they are designed for operation in the rooms with usual environment.

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Wall electric convectors, series «Euro», range  «Classic»

Wall electric convectors, series «Euro», range  «Classic» have a degree of protection, ensured by the casing IP 24 (splash-proof) and they are designed for operation in usual rooms as well as in bath-rooms, shower-baths. 

Высотой 450мм

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