Wall electric convectors of the Elit series are designed for operation in normal rooms as well as in bath-rooms or shower-baths.

Electric convectors are manufactured in a drip water proof modification IP 24, 450 mm high, ІІ class of protection against electric current shock with a welded air exhaust grill, they are equipped with a tubular heating element (THE), finned aluminium radiator ensuring comperatively larger area of thermal radiator the surface lower temperature with a high – fidelity electromechanical capillary thermostat for setting and maintaining  the desired temperature in the room, a switch with a moisture protector, overvoltage protection, they have a function of the room protection against freezing (temperature maintaining in the room with in the limits of +5  ̊…7  ̊ C which allows to avoid the room freezing at minimum expenditure of the electric energy).

The devices are additionally completed with a removable frame for small things drying, with a face template to facilitate the marking-out of the places of electric convectors brackets fastening on the wall.

Technical characteristics of the electric convectors

 Model Rated power consumption,kW Parameters of the room1 Consumption current, A Mass, kg(not over) Overall dimensions, (LxHxD2), mm
Additional heating Main heating
area, m2 volume, m3 area, m2  volume, m3
ЭВНА - 0,5/230 С2 (мб) 0,5 8 20 5 12 1,9-2,3 4,2 400х450х110
ЭВНА - 1,0/230 С2 (мб) 1,0 16 40 10 25 3,9-4,5 4,9 490х450х110
ЭВНА - 1,5/230 С2 (мб) 1,5 24 60 15 37 5,8-6,8 5,6 600х450х110
ЭВНА - 2,0/230 С2 (мб) 2,0 32 80 20 50 7,8-9,1 6,7 740х450х110
ЭВНА - 2,5/230 С2 (мб) 2,5 40 100 25 62 9,8-11,4 8,6 890х450х110

1 – at a ceiling height 2,5 m and normal thermal insulation; 2 – the device depth size with provision for the mounting brackets for wall mounting. More exact choice of the electric convectors rated power consumption must be performed with provision for actual heat losses of a specific room.

Rated voltage of the electric power supply mains: 220 V, frequency 50 Hz

Delivery set:  the electric convector brackets for wall mounting, package a frame for drying, Instruction Manual, a face template, package of prime quality with a handle for transportation.

The electric convectors meet the requirements of the Technical regulation of low-voltage equipment and Technical regulation of the equipment electromagnetic compatibility, they have all the necessary certificates of compliance.

ЭВНА – wall electric convectors with automatic air temperature control in the room.

Index C indicates the height the electric convector of the given model:

C – average (height 450 mm)

Figure 2 designates the product classes of protection from electric current shock:

2 – II class of protection

Convectors design features are designated by the following indexes:

  • Without a step-by-step power regulator (M)

Welded grill is not designated by an index.

Method of mounting  on the floor:

  • passive support (п)
  • active support (a)

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