Floor boilers (industrial)


  Floor boilers (industrial) are designed to be used in the heating systems with the heat carrier forced circulation.

Floor boilers are manufactured without a circulating pump (бн), they have contacts for the pump connection and they make it possible to connect the external thermostats.

The design of the tank, made of sheet steel with zinc coating, and application of the THE heating elements, made of stainless steel, ensure high corrosion resistance.

  •  Rated power 36.0 kW; 45.0 kW; 60.0 kW.
  • Three steps of power regulation;
  • Thermostat which allows to maintain the heat carrier temperature in the system at the set level;
  • Built-in protection:

- against the  heat carrier temperature increase beyond  85   ̊C;

- against the heat carrier pressure reduction in the system  below 0.05 MPa

  • Indication of  the mains connection  and of the emergency state;
  • Small overall dimensions and mass;
  • Degree of the casing protection – IP22;
  • Convenient in operation and in maintenance;
  • Broad network of servicing centers.
  • Warranty period of operation is 2.0 year

Electric boilers «Термія» comply with the requirements of the Technical regulations.

Technical characteristics  of the floor  boilers (industrial)