Electric boilers are designed to be used in closed heating systems with heat carrier forced circulation.

All the boilers models have two modifications: with a circulating pump (н), without a circulating pump (бн) and they make it possible to connect the external thermostat.

In addition to the boiler application as the main boiler it is advisable to install the electric boiler in the heating system as a second boiler, this allows to achieve substantial saving of expenditures for heating if a multitariff meter is available.

The boiler updated design provides for availability of a built-in transducer of maximum pressure limiting by 0.3 MPa, connecting pipe fon the heat carrier filling in, a thermogauge and drainage opening for the remaining heat carrier drain.

Boilers with the power 6.0 kW can be connected to the supply mains of 220 V or (3x380 V).

The heat exchanger tank and connecting pipes coating, made by the galvanizing method, and application of THE units, made of the stainless steel, ensure high corrosion resistance.

The boilers silent operation is ensured by use of electromagnetic relays in the control system.

  • Rated power 4.5 kW; 6.0 kW; 9.0 kW; 12.0 kW; 15.0 kW;
  • Three steps of power regulation;
  • Thermostat  which allows to maintain the heat carrier temperature in the system at the set level;
  • Built-in protections:
  • against heat carrier temperature increase over 95   ̊C;
  • against heat carrier pressure reduction in the system  below 0,05 MPa;
  • protection  against pressure increase over maximum permissible value 0.3 MPa;
  • Indication of connection to the mains and emergency state;
  • Air release valve for air locks timely elimination in the system;
  • Degree of the casing protection – IP 22;
  • Application of high-quality complementary  parts from European manufacturers;
  • Warranty period of operation 2.0 years
  •  Broad network of servicing centers.

Electric boilers «Термія» comply with the Technical regulations.


Technical characteristics of the electric running boilers of the Standard» class (updated)

Parameters «Standart» updated boilers
КОП 4.5 (н/бн) КОП 6.0 (н/бн) КОП 9.0 (н/бн) КОП 12.0 (н/бн) КОП 15.0 (н/бн)
Supply voltage, V  220 220/(3х380) 3х380
Mains frequency, Hz 50
Power consumption, kW     step I 1.5 2.0 3.0 4.0 6.0
Power consumption, kW     step II 3.0 4.0 6.0 8.0 12.0
Power consumption, kW     step III 4.5 6.0 9.0 12.0 18.0
Consumption current, А 21.0 27.0/3x9.1 3x13.6 3x18.2 3x22.7
Heat carrier maximum working temperature, 0С 85±5
Heat carrier minimum operating pressure, МPа 0.2
Overall dimensions (WхHхD),mm 183x395x665
Mass,kg 19.0/16.3 21.0/17.0
Heat carrier volume, l 2.3 2.4
Thread for connection to the heating system G3/4
Wines (copper) designation for connecting, mm2 4.0

6.0 for 220 V

2.5 for 380 V

2.5 4.0


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