Electric burner of the  ЕПП type with pyroceramic hotplates

  Pyroceramic hotplates with glass ceramic working surface are used in the electric burner TM "Термія".

 Features of the electric burner of the ЕПП type:

Electric burner with pyroceramic hotplates  differ in external appearance from electric burner with cast iron and THE - hotplates by smooth mirror working surface. Unlike their older brothers the hotplates of such burners start to give up heat to utensils almost instantly. Infra-red heat from the incandescent original heating spiral is free to pass through special safety ceramic glass and heats  the utensils bottom.

Safety glass of the hotplate is made of special glass ceramic for kitchen burners, the material which has wonderful quality. Such glass ceramic has  extraordinary thermal stability and it can resist the temperature abrupt changes up to +700 ° C. Glass ceramic panel, four millimeters thick, transfers the temperature very effectively and practically without heat loss.

Main physical characteristics of the glass ceramic panels for kitchen burners:

  • temperature expansion practically equals zero
  • high thermal stability and long life
  • high mechanical resistance
  • system optimized transmission coefficient of infra-red radiation
  • low thermal conductance
  • stability at temperature drops

It is the specific properties of the glass ceramic heat conductance that define main pyroaramic advantages of the electric burners over the electric burners with cast iron hotplates and THE-hot plates:

- higher efficiency of the electric burner owing to the  glass ceramic property to conduct heat well along the vertical and comperatively worse along the horizontal, which results in heat flow concentration on the utensils bottom and in heat loss decrease;

- possibility to decrease or increase the temperature effectively on the hotplate surface owing to glass ceramic thermal quick-response. It is owing to this fact that it takes quite little time now to real temperature decrease on a hotplate surface at heating level decrease by a handle of the potential regulater ( it is almost the same as on a gas burner).

A  bimetal thermostatic switch, built-in into the pyroceramic hotplate design, performs the function of protection of the hotplate surface as well as the elements, surrounding the hotplate, from unduly high temperatures, in this way ensuring conditions for more safe operation of the elctric burner.

Besides, in case of the oven switching on without any utensils on it it warms up speedily and the thermostatic switch limits the hotplate surface maximum temperature at a safe level, thus increasing its safe operation.

The glass ceramic panels, designed specially for use in the kitchen burners, make food cooking quite new experience. It is easy to clean smooth working surface; this makes it possible to keep your electric burner in ideal state during long time. Glass ceramic working surface of the electric hotplate and the elements of the electric burner case, made of stainless steel, will add attractiveness to your kitchen. Owing to stylish design the pyroceramic electric burner will ideally suit to a modern kitchen interior, quick heating and energy uniform distribution will allow to cook quickly tasty food.

Type of electric oven Rated power consumption, kW Overall dimensions, mm Mass, kg Hotplate
Diameter 180 mm
power type
ЕПП1-1.0/220(н) 1.0 260 x 96 x 269 3.0 1.0 ЕКП

Conventional designations used in the table:

ЕПП - electric burners with a pyroceramic hotplate;

ЕПП - electric pyroceramic hotplate;

Index (н) designates the models with a case cover made of stainless steel;

Figure 1 idicates quantity of the hotplates of the electric burner.