Electric burner of the ЕПЧТ type, combined

Features of the electric burner of the ЕПЧТ type:

  • Type of the used hotplates: one hotplate with cast iron working surface and one hotplate with a THE of spiral shape of the (с) type or (ш) type with a casing made of heatresistant, stainless steel.
  • Case of the electric burner is made of quality steel coated by powder enamel.
  • Main colours of the electric burner case coating: white, brown.
  • Light indication of the heating element switched on state.
  • Practical compromise between electric ovens with cast iron electric hotplates and electric ovens with tubular heating elements decreasing dependence on the kind of the used utensils and on  the mode of heating.
  • Rated supply voltage 220 V/50 Hz.

Technical characteristics:

Type Rated power consumption , kW Overall dimensions, mm Mass, kg Type of hotplates
diameter 145 mm diameter 180 mm
power, kW type power, kW type
ЕПЧТ2-2.0/220(с) 2.0 500x99x262 4.5 1.0 Ч 1.0 Т
ЕПЧТ2-2.0/220(ш) 2.0 500x99x262 4.8 1.0 Ч 1.0 Т







Conventional designations of the electric burner of this type:

ЕПЧТ - electric burner  with a combined type of heating elements where

Ч - cast iron hotplate;

Т - hotplate with a tubular electric heater (THE);

Figure 2 indicates quantity of the hotplates of the electric burner;

Index (c) designates the models with a hotplate with  two-end THE of spiral shape;

Index (ш) designates the models with one-end THE with wide working surface.

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