Electric burner of the ЕПЧЕ type with a cast iron express hotplate


Electric burner of the ЕПЧЕ type, features and advantages:

  • Express-hotplates differ from a "customary" cast iron hotplate by greater power at the stage of warming up and by less time of the hotplate warming up correspondingly . In heating the express - hotplate switches on at once to full power and after warming up to the set temperature some of the heater power is automatically de-energized;
  • "Soft" going to the modes of heating and cooling down;
  • Flat working surface of the hotplate ensures simple cleaning;
  • Power cord in rubber sheath;
  • Supports elastic bushing;
  • Light indication of the heating element switched on state;
  • Steppless continuous power regulator;
  • Availability of marking on the power regulator handle;
  • Case cover is made of quality mirror polish stainless steel.
             Model           Rated power consumption, kW Overall diimensions (WxHxD), mm  Mass, kg  Quantity of hotplates Parameters of hotplates
diameter 145 mm diameter 185 mm
power, kW  type   power, kW  type
ЕПЧЕ 1-1.5/220 (н) 1.5 260х96х269 3.0 1 1.5 ЧЕ - -
ЕПЧЕ 1-2.0/220 (н) 2.0 260х96х269 3.1 1 - - 2.0 ЧЕ
ЕПЧЕ 2-2.5/220 (н) 2.5 500х96х262 5.5 2





- -
ЕПЧЕ 2-2.7/220 (н) 2.7 500х96х262 5.5 2 1.5 ЧЕ 1.2 Ч
ЕПЧЕ 2-3.0/220 (н) 3.0 500х96х262 5.5 2 1.5 ЧЕ 1.5 Ч

* - case cover is completely made of mirror polish stainless steel

Conventional designations of the electric ovens of this type:

ЕПЧЕ - electric burner with a cast iron express -hotplate;

1 or 2 are the figures, indicating quantity of the hotplates of the electric burner;

XX/220 - figures, indicating  the electric burner power and the supply voltage;

Conventional designations of the hotplate type:

ЧЕ - cast iron express-hotplate;

Ч - cast iron customary hotplate;

Index (н) designates the models with a case cover made of stainless steel.

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